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Conne Island
Koburger Str. 3, 04277 Leipzig

Peterssteinweg 9, Leipzig

Nikolaistraße 28-32, Leipzig

Buchhandlung drift
Karl-Heine-Str. 83, 04229 Leipzig

Zu Spät
Kippenbergstraße 28, 04317 Leipzig

No Borders
Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße 8, 04277 Leipzig



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Termin: 02.12.2016


Freitag, 02.12.2016, Einlass: 22:00 Uhr, Beginn: 23:00 Uhr

Sleep in Island

Steffen Bennemann & Heiko Wunderlich (SleepIn, Nachtdigital) /dj
Judith Crasser (Pracht) /dj

Only Limited Hard-Tickets now available for 8 EUR at Kapitaldruck (Feinkost)VARY(Eisenbahnstraße)
Buchhandlung drift (Karl-Heine-Straße) and Conne Island Café

Inspired by Robert Rich’s concept of "Sleep Concerts" (first held in dorm rooms at the University of Berkeley, California in the 80s where Rich studied sleep phases), Heiko Wunderlich and Steffen Bennemann launched the "Sleep In" series in Leipzig in 2014. The idea is pretty simple: Attendees are invited to sleep while the performers play music that encourages to do so. Previous editions of this event have proven to be rather interesting experiences: It’s very rare that we share the intimacy of our night’s rest with so many people. Our brains are much more active and our senses stay more alert when we spend time in the company of others - also in unconscious states of sleeping and dreaming. Combined with a constant aural stimulus that oscillates between soothing and disturbing this opens ways to experience dreams in a very different way: We seem to dream much more and remember our dreams more vividly. It’s not necessarily a deeply relaxing night but definitely one attendees will remember long after.

A few notes for preparation:

- Please bring blankets, sleeping bags, mattresses and -if needed- warm clothing: We will heat the room but it might be colder than you know it from sweaty concerts or club nights - especially when sleeping on the floor. We won’t be able to provide beds or other equipment needed for a comfortable rest so make sure you bring what you think is necessary.

- Please be on time. After an hour of check-in we will close the doors to make sure the night can proceed without major interruptions.

- This is not a party. If you are in the mood for chatting and socializing, this event won’t be the best choice to do so.

- Breakfast served after sunrise (around 7am). Breakfast bits and pieces will be offered at the bar and are not included in ticket price.

admission 22-23 Uhr
Please be on time!!
breakfast around 7am

Conne Island, Koburger Str. 3, 04277 Leipzig
Tel.: 0341-3013028, Fax: 0341-3026503,