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Alle Termine für den 07.10.2023


Samstag, 07.10.2023, Einlass: 20:30 Uhr

Sound System Sessions #2

Start Movie: 8.30 pm (free)
Start Session. 10 pm
Lights on: 4.55 am

Soundsystem Sessions 2:
After the first Session in October 2022 Zoumo and Plug Dub presents the second edition of „Soundsystem Sessions“ - 2 Leipzig sound crews showcasing their versatile musical styles & their selfbuilt soundsystems at Conne Island.
This time we start at 8.30 pm with the french soundsystem documentary „United we Stand part 2“. The movie highlights the struggle of english and french soundsystem & counter culture movement.With the second edition we want to present some of our friends & influences and their diverse take on contemporary bass music!
Siren Sisters will come from Bavaria with MC Treasure Irie on Mic duties and Catitah Steppah & Anja Siren on selection duties. Yadria will represent the homegrown soundsystem massive, while Donna G and Amandub will play a b2b Set. Each Soundsystem will play half the night divided in 30-120 minutes rounds and Guest Spots. Heavy Rotation !

Siren Sisters feat. MC Treasure Irie & Catitah Steppah (Kulturimpuls e.V. Freising)
Anja Siren has been spinning records and organizing dub events since the late 90s. In 2008, SIREN SISTERS started with regular sessions at Sunny Red / Feierwerk, Munich – often inviting sound systems like DubRise, Jah Chalice, Dandelion and guests from all over Germany and abroad. The events are a platform for upcoming artists and veterans alike with a special focus on female artists.
In the selection, Siren Sisters focuse on mystical wake-up tunes with a strong message of love & unity – from the finest roots and the heaviest steppers to sweet unreleased material and rare dubplates. She is accompanied by the mic & effect master MC Treasure Irie.
Siren Sisters are also part of Kulturimpuls e.V., a non-profit association that makes the Rootsbase on Fusion Festival happen and also organizes events like Rootsbase Festival and Dubimpuls in Freising. Anja contributes regularly to the German RIDDIM magazine with articles about sound system culture. In 2019, she found the female sound collective LIONESS AWAKE. In 2021, the Süddeutsche Zeitung rewared Siren Sisters with the Tassilo Prize. 2023, after long thought and long hours in the workshop, Siren Sisters Soundsystem was launched.

YADIRA (Kasalla Soundsystem / Subkontra)
Yadira is part of the Kassala Soundsystem from Dresden. She handles soundengineering for the Subkontra Festival, a yearly Bassmusic Festival, which is held in Oberpöbel. Yadira shares a passion for Bassmusic, which is for example reflected in her engagement of sharing knowledge, in form of workshops about soundsystem set ups.

Donna G b2b Amandub (CZ x LE)
The two long time bassmaessage & Plug Dub affiliates will select their take on contemporary Bass Music b2b

Support your local soundsystem /// no competition /// unity is the key /// love diversity /// word sound is power !!!

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