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Alle Termine für den 27.04.2019


Samstag, 27.04.2019, Einlass: 20:00 Uhr, Beginn: 21:00 Uhr

Architect, AzarSwan, Zanias live | 5th Anniversary White Circles

WHITE CIRCLES & Conne Island present



ARCHITECT (Daniel Myer | Haujobb)

AZAR SWAN (Industrial / Doom Electronics | New York)

ZANIAS (Keluar, Linea Aspera | Berlin)


Philipp Strobel ([aufnahme + wiedergabe])
aehm (WHITE CIRCLES, exLEpäng!)
Ralph (WHITE CIRCLES co-founder) is back for one night!


ARCHITECT (Daniel Myer | Haujobb)

architect is a unique hybrid of idm, electronica and smooth ambient soundscapes inexhaustibly explored by german mastermind daniel myer. in a career spanning over fifteen years daniel has been connected to but never belonged to a host of scenes and styles. architect was created in 1998 and has since proven his mettle on a multitude of releases and on countless acclaimed concerts world-wide. in 2010 alan wilder (recoil) discovered architect's brilliance, which led to daniel performing as a support act for recoil on several acclaimed shows in europe and the united states. architects most pronounced quality is the accomplished combination of powerful grooves and atmospheric soundscapes resulting in music that is suitable for both listening and dancing. architect's sixth full length album 'mine' constitutes an appreciable shift in direction compared to his previous works by adding compositional and instrumental innovations brand new to this project. supported by well-respected artists like ben lukas boysen a.k.a. hecq, guitarist and cellist felix gerlach, dejan samardzic (dsx), legendary producer, engineer and remixer paul kendall, canadian musician and sound designer comaduster and hungarian vocalist emese arvai-illes (black nail cabaret), architect marches to no one’s beat but his own, expanding ambitious electronica with comprehensive down-tempo song structures. moderate yet decisive beats and precise keyboard and string arrangements build the foundation for emese's exceptional voice transmitting suspense, depth and sinister beauty with perfectly fitting lyrics. depending on how and when you listen, this atmospheric release can fill you with menace and sadness, or send you into a deep reverie. uncompromising, muscular and powerful, the music of 'mine' is also full of subtle touches and a supple sense of rhythm. highly recommended for devotees of moderat, recoil or house of black lanterns - this album will be 'yours' for sure.

AZAR SWAN (Industrial / Doom Electronics | New York)


Azar Swan is the musical project of singer, songwriter and musician Zohra Atash and producer Joshua Strawn. The duo released their debut LP, entitled Dance Before The War, on the independent label Handmade Birds in November of 2013. Pitchfork called the band's sound "prime industrial pop"[3] and said the album's title track was aggressive and accessible with a "bent for experimentation."

Their second LP, And Blow Us A Kiss, was released in October 2014 by Zoo Music, the record label owned and operated by Dee Dee Penny of Dum Dum Girls and Brandon Welchez of Crocodiles. They followed up the with a double A-side remix 12" called Variations on Handmade Birds with mixes by Vatican Shadow and Cut Hands. Variations is the first time both William Bennett and Dominick Fernow have been featured on the same release, both of whom are widely recognized as two of the most significant pioneering figures in power electronics and noise music.
Their newest, more industrial driven record, Savage Exile was released on Berlin's hottest label [aufnahme + wiedergabe] in 2017. Collaborating with studio mastermind Kris Lapke (Prurient, Cold Cave, Haxan Cloak) Azar Swan created their most immersive, aggressive experience yet. Noisey called it "properly terrifying" and NPR said it sounded like a "chasm coiled in righteous noise"

Lyrically the subject matter ranges from introspective longing to the horrors of war. Atash has been vocal about her experience as the child of Afghan refugees, as well as being a woman navigating complex cultural experiences and identities.

ZANIAS (Keluar, Linea Aspera)

Zanias has been hard at work over the years as part of many projects including the Dark Entries affiliated Linea Aspera and minimal wave band Keluar with Sid Lamar. Since then, she has been curating Fleisch, a club series and record label releasing music from the likes of Schwefelgelb, Forces and Kontravoid.

As a solo artist, she has released her debut EP ‘To The Core’ in 2016 and has been collaborating with some of electronic music’s most respected figures. Appearing on Dax J’s critically acclaimed ‘Offending Public Morality’ LP, as well as providing vocals on Black Rain’s ‘Dark Pool’ album on Blackest Ever Black and working with Ancient Methods on last year’s ‘Andromeda’ which was released on Candela Rising.

‘Into The All’ is the culmination of extensive recording and experimentation. It charts a journey of psychospiritual evolution, from an unconscious state through to death and enlightenment. Inspired by the works of Ken Wilber and Yuval Noah Harari, it expresses both a personal journey and one that applies to all of humanity. Utilising field recordings of birds, gibbons and insects from Malaysia and Australia, and samples of instruments from Indonesia (a reference to her childhood spent there), Armenia and ancient Norway and Sumeria, alongside synthesisers and drum machines.

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