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• das erste: Ein Stelldichein mit Nazi, Nackedei und Affe
Vortrag & Diskussion: Myths of Cascadia – Über die Synthese von anarchischen Archaismus und Black Metal, sowie die Ideologie des Ursprungs.
Lesung: The Mamas and the Papas – Reproduktion, Pop & widerspenstige Ver- hältnisse.
Sub.Island pres. Tunnidge, INFRA, Mohak
Springtoifel, Volxsturm, The Pisstons
Filmriss Filmquiz
War From A Harlots Mouth, Havok, Angelus Apatrida
Roter Salon: Lesung mit THOMAS GSELLA »Achtung hier spricht der Weihnachtsmann!«
Cafékonzert: Alexis Gideon
The Word Alive, I See Stars, Dayshell
Joan of Arc, mOck, Jeffk
WORD! cypher / OPEN MIC.
Electric Island Final Edition 2013: Barnt, Wilhelm
Hot Christmas Hip Hop Jam #11
BINGO – Christmas Special
»For the kids«-Fest
Conne Island X-mas-Tischtenniscup
Thy Art Is Murder
Electric Island
Protest The Hero, Tesseract, The Safety Fire, Intervals
Modern Trips: FunkinEven
• doku: COMPACT zusammengefasst
• doku: Schneeberg: „Wir sind das Volk!“
• doku: Repression für alle
• doku: Die Zeit der schmutzigen Intrige
• leserInnenbrief: Leserinnenbrief:
• das letzte: Was ist eigentlich das Letzte?


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I broke free on a Saturday morning / I put the pedal to the floor / headed north on mills avenue / and listened to the engine roar
my broken house behind me / and good things ahead / a girl named Cathy / wants a little of my time
six cylinders underneath the hood / crashing and kicking / aha! / listen to the engine whine
i am going to make it through this year / if it kills me (x2)
i played video games in a drunken haze / i was seventeen years young / hurt my knuckles punching the machines / the taste of scotch rich on my tongue
and then Cathy showed up / and we hung out / trading swigs from a bottle / all bitter and clean / locking eyes / holding hands / twin high maintenance machines
i am going to make it through this year / if it kills me (x2)
i drove home in the California dusk / i could feel the alcohol inside of me hum / pictured the look on my stepfather’s face / ready for the bad things to come / i down shifted / as i pulled into the driveway / the motor screaming out / stuck in second gear / the scene ends badly / as you might imagine / in a cavalcade of anger and fear
there will be feasting and dancing / in Jerusalem next year
i am going to make it through this year / if it kills me (x2)

[timmy darnielle]

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